Getting into the Right Shape

Don’t just feed your appetite; nourish your body as well!

The Dilemma   

 Nowadays people are getting stubborn and risky, doing things that we wanted without thinking of the possible effects and the danger it brings. And the saddest part of it, most of us are foolish enough to accept our mistakes and our waywardness that gradually ruins ourselves, but we are too hesitant correcting those errors.

“Awareness is the beginning of change.” That’s pretty straightforward, right? When you are aware that eating lots of sweets will get you diabetes and increase the risk of obesity, then you have to stop or control eating them.

But what happens is that people don’t bother regardless. We love to eat and always crave to consume chocolates, cakes, cookies, soft drinks, etc.

This unhealthy eating is happening because we are more concerned about satisfying ourselves today rather than looking forward to our health in the future.

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Going Against the River

For us to make things right, we need to go against our desire, that we know will get us to the brink of oblivion. We need to revisit the healthful facts that man needs for his existence – eating what is right and doing what is necessary.

Instead of eating a burger, spaghetti, canned goods or instant foods that are easier to get and prepare,  why not get some vegetables and fruits and other organic foods.

This might not be as easy as what we think it is but we need to do it now. We shouldn’t wait for the time that we are already undergoing a dialysis before we’ll eat healthy foods.

If you love to watch movies, playing online games or following your favorite star in twitter during your leisure time

Why not rather invest your time and resources instead in a gym or in a park doing routine workouts or simple exercises.

I know it’s tedious, but you should do it for yourself – it’s not your neighbor who can benefit out of it.

We are not prohibited to eat what we desire and do what we wanted; we just need to have some moderation. What is too much is not good, but what is not sufficient is much worse.

Hence, there’s nobody who can do it for you but you alone… even the most well-known fitness guru or the most celebrated dietitian in the world couldn’t get you into the right shape, if you didn't discipline yourself.

It takes a serious action and consideration before you may achieve the real health you desire.


Getting Fit

 Having a sexy body doesn’t mean you are healthy.

Nowadays, a lot of us want to have a hot and fit body, yet some tend to achieve it using inappropriate methods. We cannot deny the fact that some of those people who want to have a better shape are taking pills, fasting, eating inorganic and processed foods and overdoing their exercises, which is WRONG!

When you are doing this to yourself, your intention is utterly absurd –

It’s a distorted perception when you are overdoing your exercise and depriving yourself to eat because you are afraid to gain weight, or you want to lose weight faster.

This approach makes your life shorter. You might get sexy but not healthy.

Since you are depriving yourself to eat,  the nutrients that your body needs is insufficient plus you are burning them out when you are overdoing your workouts.   

If you love yourself, then STOP IT NOW!


Keeping Your Health Safe 

    • STOP your bad eating and drinking habits. Control or quit consuming foods and drinks that are inorganic.
    • Purchase A Stackable Lunch Box available on line from , having healthy lunch on hand will keep you from being tempted by unhealthy choices
    • Get checked! It’s an ideal thing to consult your doctor regularly even if you aren’t feeling sick. One of the problems that we have is the fact that we only visit our physician when we are already suffering some symptoms or we aren’t feeling well. Remember that there are illnesses that you won’t feel in your system, not until they reach the malignancy state.
    • Start altering your lifestyle.
    • Eat well. Eat and drink only foods that will nourish your body, don’t just satisfy your appetite or hunger.
    • Quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
    • Sleep well.
    • Exercise but don’t overdo it; your body has its limits.

Do this and purchase a food storage container, you will be doing a great favor to yourself; thus, you get healthier and more productive in life. You can do more things in life because you’ll have the strength, the money, the time and the resources that you need.  You don’t need to use them for medication or for your recovery.


If you’re living healthy you’ll enjoy life to the fullest…

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